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Teaming up for Donation – “Larry the Liver”

Pastor Johnny Edler from Marion First Church of the Nazarene has always been an athlete.  Last year, he decided to take on a new challenge: running with purpose.

“I really had never done anything running-wise,” said Pastor Johnny, “So I joined a running club and started running races for various causes.”

Pastor Johnny (left) and Jim Eckard

Not long after Pastor Johnny began running, church member and liver recipient, Jim Eckard, asked him to participate in the Dash for Donation to promote organ and tissue donation.

Pastor Johnny immediately agreed.  He has known him for 20 years and supported him when his liver began failing 10 years ago.  “I think we all had to rely on God having a plan for Jim,” said the Pastor.  “He is so thankful for his transplant.”

Always a registered donor, Pastor Johnny said, “I don’t how you could miss the opportunity to share life with someone else.”  He adds that participating in the Dash for Donation is a way to share the gift that Jim received with others. 

On July 9, Pastor Johnny will be joined by Jim and a dozen other runners, family members and friends at the Dash for Donation.  His team, named “Larry the Liver” after a nickname Jim gave to his new organ after the transplant, hopes their participation will inspire others to register as organ and tissue donors.

To join “Larry the Liver” and the thousands of other central Ohioans who will take to the streets of Columbus in the Dash for Donation, click here!

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