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Teaming Up for Donation – “Adam’s Army”

Adam Wasielewski always wanted to be in the Army.  “He loved playing with his little green Army men,” said his mom, Marcia.  “He was fascinated by anything related to the military.” 

While Adam never had the chance to be in the Army, a different kind of army will march in his honor at the Dash for Donation July 9.

Adam's Army 2010 Team T-Shirt

More than 66 teammates will come together for the second year as “Adam’s Army” to remember the young boy who gave the “Gift of Life.”

Adam died on June 6, 2010 due to complications from a car accident.  The Wasielewski family decided to donate tissue after Adam’s death, a choice his family says they know he would have wanted. 
“My husband and I were always donors,” said Marcia.  “It wasn’t even a question, just the next step in our process.  It was the best gift we could give back to keep Adam’s spirit living on.”
Adam was able to donate his corneas and heart valves.  Described as “all boy” Adam made a lasting impression during his six short years, and continues to touch others through the gifts he gave.

Adam Wasielewski

Just one month after Adam’s death, Marcia learned about the Dash for Donation, an event that was taking place just a few days before what would have been Adam’s seventh birthday.  “We thought, what great way to celebrate,” she said.

This year, “Adam’s Army” will do the same thing: celebrate the life of a young boy who left an incredible legacy. 

“It’s so nice to have an event where everyone can participate,” said Marcia.  “Our team includes strollers and grandparents and we can all get involved,” said Marcia.

“Knowing that Adam lives on through his donation brings us some comfort.  We hope to inspire others to make the decision to give life after death.”

You can honor those who have given the “Gift of Life” by participating in the Dash for Donation!  To learn more or register, click here.

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