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St. Rita’s Medical Center Unveils Donor Memorial Wall

I have been a Lifeline of Ohio procurement coordinator for 15 years.  On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a Donor Memorial Dedication at St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima.   The staff at this hospital have always been champions of organ and tissue donation, but they have taken that passion one step further.

The hospital were presented with a idea of providing a long- lasting way to recognize the heroes of donation and just felt it was the right thing to do.  With administration’s support, staff took on the task of sending requests to every donor family in the last 16 years of our partnership to ask permission to place their loved one’s name on a permanent memorial wall in the hospital lobby.  As one donor mother said during the dedication one fear she had after losing a loved one is she didn’t want her loved one to be forgotten, and now the names on the wall will always be displayed honoring the unselfish act of donation.

Lifeline of Ohio CEO Kent Holloway speaks at the Donor Memorial Wall Unveiling.

The individuals that were fortunate enough to receive those life- saving transplants now have a place to say thanks for their gifts.  The mother of a 17-year-old donor who spoke was heartbroken at the loss of her child, but so proud of her son’s decision to help others.  Amber, the lung recipient that spoke, was so grateful for her second chance at life.  She has accomplished so much in her life since her transplant and wanted all of the donor families that attended the event to know on behalf of all recipients, the donors will never  be forgotten.     

The ceremony following the unveiling of the wall was as beautiful as the memorial wall itself is, and I am grateful for the opportunity help work with the dedicated staff at St. Rita’s to carry out an individual’s wish to be a donor. It’s events like this that affirm my career path, and my dedication to the mission. 

–Jackie Hines, regional procurement coordinator

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