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The Healing Gift of Tissue

As we approach Halloween, we see friendly skeleton decorations everywhere. But, have you ever thought about the incredible things bones can do?

Bone is the second most transplanted tissue in the world, second only to blood! Here are some of the ways bone donors can impact other lives after death:

  • Bones can be used to repair back and neck injuries, allowing the recipients to live pain-free and restore movement, like Margot and Mary.
  • Donated bone can be used to prevent amputation, filling in missing bone segments for a recipient, like Matt.
  • Some surgeries even use bone grafts to repair facial or bodily deformities due to disease or traumatic injury.
  • Because of the generous gift of thousands of Americans each year, more than 1 million individuals have their life improved and are able to heal from injuries, burns, diseases, deformities and other events that would significantly impair their ability to function in their day to day lives!

It’s amazing what a difference bone donors can make! If you haven’t yet registered, please sign up today as an organ, eye and tissue donor.

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