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What Live On. Ride On.™ Means to Me

Donate Life Ambassador Andy Furr has been involved with the Live On. Ride On.™ campaign since it began in 2009.  The campaign, an effort to reclaim the negative slang term “organ donor” thrown at bikers, has been a huge success thanks to volunteers like Andy and his wife, Mary.  As a biker (he rides a Honda VTX 1800 and has already put 1,000 miles on it this summer) and a liver recipient, Andy knows exactly what it means to Live On. and Ride On.  He recently shared with us his thoughts on this unique outreach program.

What are Live On. Ride On.™ events like?

They’re different from any other volunteering I’ve done.  There’s a good energy and the bikers are laid back and willing to hear our message.

How do bikers respond to the campaign?

They’re very open to it.  It’s inspiring to work an event and run out of supplies (patches, t-shirts are given to registered donors for free). It brightens my day to know that so many other bikers are registered donors!  It’s also very cool to see our patches and t-shirts worn at events.

What has it mean to be involved in this program?

It’s been a fantastic experience.  It’s awe-inspiring to see how well it has been received and I’m so happy we’re doing it again this year!

The 2010 Outreach campaign has just begun!  See our upcoming events here.

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