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US Transplant Games Athlete Profile: Bill Padden

The 2010 U.S. Transplant Games are just around the corner! The olympic-style event, held July 30 – August 4 in Madison, Wisc., is designed to celebrate the Gift of Life through transplantation, as well as highlight the need for more donors.

Thousands of individuals touched by donation will convene for the games, to cheer on transplant recipients as they participate in sports ranging from track and field to badminton. Bill Padden is one of the members of Team Ohio and will represent the Buckeye state at the national event! Read more about Bill below.

Name: Bill Padden

Age: ONLY 54

Hometown: Steubenville. ohio

Connection to Donation: I recieved a liver 18 1/2 years ago

Events: I compete in 5k road race 5k and 20k bicycle races, 1500M racewalk, 3-on-3 basketball and volleyball. In past games I’ve also played team and individual golf.

What The Transplant Games Mean to You: Not only is it a fun and exciting event, the games are a way to remember the donors who made my “second chance,” possible. It is also a way to keep the memories of past Team Ohio members alive. I first competed in 1996. I knew no one, but the team welcomed me, and I’ve felt the camaraderie ever since. In 1998, I met Fred Mock, a fellow golfer and soon to be one of my best friends. Although no one fought harder, he passed away. Rarely does a day go by, I don’t think of Fred, Joe Talbot and so many great guys who are gone. While here, they “got” the importance of spreading the word about the need for organ donation.

In summation, although we go forward to the 2010 Games, we have a tradition of caring, fun team members and donor families with us. I don’t think anyone would ever be the same after witnessing the parade of donor families or attended the quilt pinning when the families tell us about the donors and legacies they left.

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