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Tuesday’s Tale: Coffee and a Connection

While traveling through Kentucky this past weekend, I stopped at a Starbucks just off an I-65 exit for a java chip frappuccino and a break from the monotony of driving. While waiting for my drink a gentleman came up and asked me if I was driving the car with the Donate Life license plate. Unsure if he was going to tell me he just hit my car, or chastise me for leaving my golden retriever in the back seat (the windows were down!), I reluctantly acknowledged ownership.

“Are you an organ recipient?” he asked.

I replied that I was not, but that I worked for the organ recovery organization in Columbus. A declaration that prompted him to throw his arms around me in a big bear hug!

“Thank you! Thank you!” he said repeatedly. “I have a new heart because of people like you!”

Even though I know he has his new heart because of the generosity of a donor and his or her family, the sincerity of his gratitude for his second chance at life was much appreciated and certainly made it easier to get up for work on Monday! And while there is no way of knowing the ripple effect my decision to skip the drive-through will have in the future, our short conversation also caught the attention of the staff and the other customers in the small coffee shop and by the time I said my good-byes (I had to get the AC back on for my pup!) he was telling the others about the great gift of life he received and answering their questions.

Do you wear a Donate Life pin? A green bracelet? Have a Donate Life plate on your car? Or maybe a Donate Life magnet? They are subtle conversation starters that can make a big difference in reaching people one-on-one to break down the myths and misconceptions that are barriers to donation.

Lifeline of Ohio is happy to help you spread the Donate Life message. Contact us today for a pin or a magnet!

– Marilyn Pongonis, Director of Communications

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