Celebrating National Donor Sabbath

Six percent of Ohioans believe their religion does not support organ and tissue donation, according to a recent survey conducted by the Second Chance Trust Fund. But, the truth is: all major religions in the United States support donation.

The reasons to dispel this myth are staggering: (more…)

Celebrating Life Through National Donor Sabbath

Over the past weekend, hundreds of religious organizations across the state of Ohio came together for National Donor Sabbath.  The annual observance, which is always held two weeks before Thanksgiving, is an opportunity for religious leaders to share their support of organ and tissue donation and overcome a common misconception Ohioans have: that their religion doesn’t support donation.

Members of Second Presbyterian Church participated in honor of former member Chuck Wachtel.  Chuck, who passed away at the age of 34, was an organ and tissue donor.  (more…)