Noah C. Tissue - Tissue Donor, Franklin County

Supporting donor families on their grief journey

Lifeline of Ohio acknowledges your life has been forever changed and you are slowly adjusting to a world without your loved one. We recognize grief has no time limit and the healing process is different for everyone.

We will be with you on this journey moving forward while never forgetting your Hero of Donation. We will always honor and respect the gift they shared and have found that, over time, this heroic decision has been healing for families.

For more information and support, please contact Lifeline of Ohio’s Bereavement Coordinators at 1-800-525-5667 or by email at

Donor Memorial

Lifeline of Ohio’s Donor Memorial is open to the public and is located at our offices at 770 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio. We invite you to visit us and experience the memorial dedicated to honoring the heroes of organ, eye and tissue donation. If you cannot travel to Columbus, we encourage you to visit our interactive website dedicated to the memorial.

Your loved one can be honored by name on a wall panel in the memorial. There is no fee for the engraving—it is covered by the generous financial contributions Lifeline of Ohio receives. Names are engraved twice a year in the spring and fall.

Family to Family - A Donor Family Cookbook

Lifeline of Ohio is dedicated to honoring the heroes of organ, eye and tissue donation through meaningful events, memorials and tributes. Our cookbook, Family to Family – A Donor Family Cookbook, is a way to connect donor families with one another and provide opportunities for them to continue their relationships with their loved ones.

We invite you to re-create recipes inspired by these heroes of donation and to share them on all of Lifeline of Ohio’s social media platforms.

Join our private Donor Family Facebook group

Lifeline of Ohio invites you to join our private Donor Family Facebook group to connect with other donor families in a safe space. This is a closed group; only Lifeline of Ohio families are able to join. Our families have found this to be a helpful resource for sharing information and offering support to one another.