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Our Ambassadors are Unwavering!

The annual Donate Life Ambassador Appreciation dinner, held Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at the Ohio Statehouse, was a true celebration. A celebration of life, dedication to organ, eye and tissue donation and the tireless efforts of our Donate Life Ambassadors.

This year’s theme was “Flags Across Ohio” and paid tribute to our ambassadors unwavering commitment to the Donate Life message. The “Flags Across Ohio” campaign will celebrate its 10th anniversary of the first Donate Life flag raising.  In 2018, Donate Life Ohio will raise Donate Life flags throughout state to serve as an opportunity for Ohioans to consider the difference they can make as an organ, eye and tissue donor.

During the appreciation dinner, we were proud to share what our Ambassadors achieved from September 2016 to December 2017:

  • 403 Donate Life Ambassadors contributed 6,442 service hours!
  • Ambassadors manned 78 unique Health Fairs and Donor Designation Stations
  • Ambassadors spoke at 34 Community and Faith Based Programs
  • We participated in 24 Honey Bee Opportunities
  • We gave 1,462 presentations at 422 schools, reaching nearly 42,438 students!
  • All of this resulted in 90,302 NEW Donor Designations in the Ohio Donor Registry!

We are truly thankful to each and every one of our Ambassadors who advocate so passionately for organ, eye and tissue donation.

Introducing our award winners…

Ambassador of the Year – Brock Dooley (pictured middle)






Rookie of the Year – Don Glass (pictured with his wife, Bonnie)







Rookie of the Year – Rosemary Pruitt








Ripple Award – Arliss Warthman








Seven volunteers received Golden Ambassador Awards for going above and beyond as part of a special project:

Phil Benua and Tim & Karen Jones (pictured) for their work on the summer 2017 “Live On. Ride On.” motorcycle enthusiasts outreach campaign.





Tracy Reifer for advocating for organ, eye and tissue donation in both Ohio and West Virginia.







Vicki DiLillo for her efforts in reaching out to donor families through our Bereavement Services events.


Tricia Fliehman for parlaying her role at Walgreens into being an avid advocate for organ, eye and tissue donation.







Stan Harris for his exceptional advocacy in the African American community and for lending his influence to open doors for organ, eye and tissue donation.







Barb Sills (middle) for creating a “Surviving Spouses” support group to help other donor family members move through their grief process.






Silver Stars – contributing 12-19 hours of service

Amanda Postalakis
Andrea Burkhart
Andrea Messer
Andrew Loy
Aubrey Turner
Brandy Wireman
Brenda Barnes
Christal Jones-Shiller
Cindy McDonald
David Hague
Deanne Valentine
Doug Elson
Rica Apollonio
Erin Oberlander
Fred Girscht
Gay Eberhart
Jana McNichols
Jeff Wampler
Juanita Wright
June Postalakis
Kathy St. Clair
Keely Buckley
Kim Arrasmith
Kimberly Loy
Kshama Parekh
Leslie Kerr
Leslie Pelino
Linda Marks
Lisa Bable
Lisa Brinson-Cheatham
Marcia Wasiewlewski
Mary Cloern
Mary Collins
Mary Cunningham
Mary Jo Alstaetter
Mary Lehr
Melissa Nelms
Michael Barnes
Ray Peoples
Renee Kaylor
Rhonda Sexton
Rose Elson
Scott Kijowski
Scott Lyons
Seth Hoffman
Shannon Maul
Tammy Cooper
Theresa Hutchings
Tim Cooper
Timothy St. Clair
Tracey Sandy
Tricia Smith
Vicki Fields
Wayne Lichwa


Shining Stars – contributing 20-39 hours of service
Andy Gillespie
Barb Sills
Bill Padden
Bobbie Shepherd
Camille Dandurand
Carole Wachtel
Chris Baightel
Cindy Bailey
David Greenberg
Diane Ivery
Don Huiner
Gayle Duris
Gerald Marcus
Heather Hook
Jane Greenberg
Janie Scarborough
Justin Jones
Kathy Lyons
Kathy Marcus
Kendall Lee
Linda Moore
Mari Fridenmaker
Marie Smith
Mark Cortz
Marlene Yeldell
Marshall Cheatham
Matt Arrasmith
Pam Brown
Pam Kunselman
Patti Betts
Phil Petrosky
Phil Benua
Rachel Beltran
Rosemary Huey
Sarah Smith
Teresa Sanders
Tony Schmalstig
Vicki DiLillo
Zane Wachtel


Infinity Award – contributing 40-74 hours of service

Alberta Levengood
April Miles
Emily Smith
Eric Harned
Evan Greene
India Harris
Joy Brooks
Karen Jones
Kathleen Napier
Mary McKinney
Rhonda Major-Mack
Richard Vance
Rosemary Pruitt
Stan Harris
Tim Jones
Tracy Reifer
Trisha Rowe


Infinity and Beyond Award – contributing more than 75 hours of service

Arliss Wartman
Barb Crow
Bev Hindman
Brock Dooley
Carol Fitzsimons
Corinne Gasper
Don Glass
Kathy David
Margaret Petrosky
Melissa Ramey
Mike Murphy
Randy Zibell
Steve Hindman
Sue Murphy
Victoria Schmalstig


From the entire Lifeline of Ohio staff and board, we thank our Donate Life Ambassadors for being wonderful and amazing advocates of donation and continuously working to share the message of donation.



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