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Caution: Ambassadors at Work!

The annual Ambassador Appreciation dinner, held Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at COSI was a true celebration. A celebration of life, dedication to organ, eye and tissue donation and the tireless efforts of our Donate Life Ambassadors.

This year’s theme was “Caution: Ambassadors at Work!” and paid tribute to the massive construction project for our office and the new Donor Memorial this year. We are excited to have construction complete by the end of 2016 and to announce we’ll publicly unveil the Donor Memorial on National Blue and Green Day – Friday, April 21, 2017.

During the appreciation dinner, we were proud to share what our Ambassadors achieved from September 2015 to August 2016:

  • 322 Donate Life Ambassadors contributed 4,079 service hours
  • Ambassadors manned 75 unique Health Fairs and Donor Designation Stations
  • Ambassadors spoke at 35 Community and Faith Based Programs
  • We participated in 22 Honey Bee Opportunities
  • We gave 1,137 presentations at 276 High Schools and Colleges reaching nearly 35,000 students!

All of this resulted in 30,926 NEW Donor Designations in the Ohio Donor Registry! We are truly thankful to each and every one of our Ambassadors who help to saves lives.

Introducing our award winners…



Randy, left, pictured with the Hindmans – the 2015 Ambassadors of the Year

Donate Life Ambassador of the Year: Randy Zibell









ericRookie of the Year: Eric Harned








Five volunteers received Golden Ambassador Awards for going above and beyond as part of a special project:

melissaMelissa Ramey – For volunteering 36 hours to the Dash for Donation. She worked everything from packet assembly, pick-up shifts to the day of. 






corinneCorinne Gasper – For her work in sharing the Donate Life message in dozens of schools throughout 2016.







img_3185Victoria Schmalstig: For stepping up and accepting the role of Central Ohio manager for Team Ohio and the Transplant Games of America. She met with transplant centers, transplant patients, organized meet and greets, fundraisers, and thoroughly immersed herself in the work of rebuilding Team Ohio.



img_3188Brock Dooley: For consistently helping the Lifeline of Ohio staff (almost) whenever we call! We are appreciative of his passion to spread the Donate Life message everywhere he goes.



img_3179Becky Miller: For visiting recently transplanted recipients to share about her brother and the importance for recipients to write their donor families. 





Infinity and Beyond Award – contributing more than 75 hours of service

  • Eric Harned
  • Janie Scarborough
  • Kathy David
  • Margaret Petrosky
  • Randy Zibel
  • Trisha Rowe

Infinity Award
– contributing between 40 and 74 hours of service

  • Arliss Warthman
  • Barbara Crow
  • Beverly Hindman
  • Brock Dooley
  • Corinne Gasper
  • Mary Jo Altstaetter
  • Melissa Ramey
  • Richard Vance
  • Sue Murphy

Shining Star Award – contributing between 20 and 39 hours of service

  • Andrea Messer
  • Becky Miller
  • Beth Little
  • Bill Padden
  • Brenda Barnes
  • Camille Dandurand
  • Carol Fitzsimons
  • Dorothy Davis
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Emily Smith
  • Erica McKibben
  • Faith Nichols
  • Gen Riffe
  • Jeff Wampler
  • Jennifer McNichols
  • Joy Brooks
  • Linda Marks
  • Mallory Williams
  • Marcus Bozeman
  • Mark Cortez
  • Mark Johnson
  • Mark Sandy
  • Marlene Yeldell
  • Mary McKinney
  • Michael Barnes
  • Mike Murphy
  • Pam Brown
  • Rhonda Major-Mack
  • Ricky Lovell
  • Steven Hindman
  • Sylvia Smith
  • Teresa Breckenridge
  • Teresa Sanders
  • Ted Staton
  • Tim Jones
  • Tracey Sandy
  • Victoria Schmalstig

Silver Star Award – contributing between 12 and 19 hours of service

  • Andrea Burkhart
  • Benita Smith
  • Bobbie Shepherd
  • Byrum Hart
  • Carol Padden
  • Carole Wachtel
  • Connie Sivard
  • Deanne Valentine
  • Don Huiner
  • Beth Grabill
  • Fred Girscht
  • Gay Eberhart
  • Gerry Marcus
  • Jacqueline Poole
  • Jeff Kauffman
  • Jessica Bookwalter
  • John Afek
  • Julie Davenport
  • Justin Jones
  • Kathleen Napier
  • Kathy Marcus
  • Keith Bacin
  • Kendall Lee
  • Kojo Kandi
  • Linda Moore
  • Lisa Hart
  • Marcia Wasielewski
  • Mary Lehr
  • Nancy Painter
  • Nancy Woodford
  • Renee Kayor
  • Sara Dietrich
  • Sheena Riepenhoff
  • Stan Harris
  • Timothy Cooper


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