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Fan Feature: Matt Scroggy

Whether it was growing up a Buckeye fan, supporting Ohio State as an undergrad at Syracuse University, or choosing Ohio State’s College of Pharmacy for graduate school – this university has always played a part in my life. However, I never thought it would play as big a role as it does today.

It all started February 2009 during my first year in pharmacy school. One day I thought I was experiencing a very bad flu and that my body was worn out, but after a few excruciating hours in my apartment, I knew that something else was wrong. I drove myself down to the emergency room at The Ohio State University Medical Center and over the next five days discovered that I was in kidney failure and would need a transplant within 6-12 months. This was obviously shocking news since I never knew I was sick. I went from taking 0 pills a day to 27 to maintain the remaining function I had in my kidneys.

After I left the hospital, I knew life wouldn’t be the same, but I did my best to carry on like it was. Besides going to classes and making up tests, I had to remember to take my medicine and get weekly blood draws to make sure my kidneys were still holding on.

In the meantime, my sister, Sarah, offered to be my donor. She wanted to step up and gave me the “Gift of Life” in the form of a kidney. Despite her fear of needles, she went through regular blood draws to make sure we were a match, and we were.

On July 28, 2009, we both underwent surgery at The Ohio State University Medical Center and I received the kidney I so badly needed.

The road to recovery wasn’t an easy one. But in the end, it has allowed me to live my life each and every day. I have completed my first three years of the Doctor of Pharmacy program at The Ohio State University and am now on my fourth year rotations. In June 2012, I will graduate on time with the class I started with.

Since my kidney transplant, I have been to the United States Transplant Games where I won four medals in 2010 and will be running my first half-marathon this October in Columbus. Along the way, I have met some amazing and wonderful people who have experienced the joy that a life saving transplant can bring to them.

And, most near and dear to my heart, I have been able to spread the message of organ donation throughout central Ohio in hopes that one day we no longer have a waiting list in this country.

None of this wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing doctors at Ohio State, and of course, my loving sister, Sarah. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have a living donor step up for them. That’s why I encourage you to be a Buckeye for Life and sign up as an organ and tissue donor today. Your registration could not only impact a life, like mine, but can help us beat Michigan in the Buckeye-Wolverine Challenge for Life. To learn more, click here.

Go Bucks!

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