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Have a Little Heart this February

Everyone knows we celebrate love in February, but only about half of Ohioans will have a little heart this month. A little heart on their license, that is; declaring that they have registered as an organ and tissue donor.

Why so few donors? Ohioans are giving people. In fact, according to our most recent survey:

  • 78 percent of Ohioans have heard about organ and tissue donation
  • 94 percent have a positive sentiment about donation
  • 95 percent believe that something positive comes from donation
  • 80 percent would even be willing to be a living donor for someone on need

We would think that would lead to incredibly high numbers of people registered to donate organs and tissues after death, but it doesn’t. Myths and misconceptions create a gap between sentiment and action.

“I had many misconceptions about donation and I didn’t think the need was real,” said Laura Flannery of Wheelersburg, Ohio. “My dad was always talking about it, even at the dinner table. I was completely against it even though he was a registered donor.”

Flannery’s father was a tissue donor after his death in 2007. His donation impacted 67 others in 14 different states. Tissue donors can help others heal by donating skin, ligaments, tendons, bone and more.

“About nine months after my dad passed away, I decided that donating was his last wish so I wanted to know more,” she said. Flannery connected with Lifeline of Ohio and met other Scioto County residents who had been touched by the cause.

“That helped me put a face to donation,” said Flannery. “I know there are a lot of people that don’t talk about it, don’t want to know about it. People don’t understand everything about donation, I know I didn’t.”

Flannery is now a registered organ and tissue donor, an advocate for the cause and encourages others to learn the truth about donation and the impact they can make on others by registering.

Have a little heart this February – register as an organ and tissue donor.

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