Lifeline of Ohio invites your company, hospital or organization to join us in raising awareness for the need for organ, eye and tissue donation. The solution to this staggering crisis is one in which everyone can play a role. By learning or sharing more about the dramatic difference one individual can make in saving and enhancing lives through organ, eye and tissue donation, lives can be saved and healed.

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Participating in the Workplace Partnership for Life program, introduced nationally by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and coordinated locally by Lifeline of Ohio, provides a unique opportunity to educate your employees or members about this growing health crisis.

Determining your level of participation in the program is entirely your choice. Some partners have chosen to send donation awareness messages with pay checks, post information on intranet sites or sent e-mails to members. Others have placed awareness posters on their bulletin boards and donation and transplantation stories in their newsletters. Participants have also hosted donation awareness speakers or provided booth space at organization-sponsored health fairs. No matter your level of involvement, Lifeline of Ohio will work with you to ensure that all the materials you need to execute your campaign are available.

To help you begin a conversation that saves lives, Lifeline of Ohio encourages you to review our Ideas for Action. Along with these suggestions, we’ve included free sample materials that you can download and use immediately. If you utilize our materials, please note that donation statistics are constantly changing. For the most up-to-date statistics, please log onto

In addition to our written materials, Lifeline of Ohio invites you to request our awareness materials which include display boards, quilts and free speakers. You can request these items and more using the online resource request form that can be found below.

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Ideas for Action

  • Place an article in your organization newsletter announcing your participation in the Workplace Partnership for Life program. Follow-up in subsequent issues with additional articles or awareness graphics.
  • Identify employees/members within your organization whose lives have been touched by donation and transplantation. Use their testimonials to promote interest among their co-workers or group.
  • Send an e-mail message to your colleagues or members with donation information.
  • Share Lifeline of Ohio posts and/or donation related content via your social media sites.
  • Add a pro-donation message to employee pay stubs or include paycheck stuffers to promote donation in communication with employees/members.
  • Invite Lifeline of Ohio to your health and wellness events or days or host your own Donor Registry Drive.
  • Show your support for donation internally and externally.
  • Display Workplace Partnership for Life posters, table-tents and/or Donor Registry–related materials in high traffic areas, such as the lobby, employee cafeteria, or break rooms.
  • Schedule a speaker from Lifeline of Ohio for a brown bag event, staff meeting or other employee/member gathering.
  • Participate in national Blue and Green Day (members wear blue and green clothing to show their support for donation on the designated date [this celebration is always held in April]).
  • Include a link or web ad linked to the Lifeline of Ohio website on your website (
  • Contact Lifeline of Ohio to customize your own personal awareness campaign

To request materials please fill out and submit the form below or print a hard copy of our Workplace Partnership For Life Resource Request Form and return it to Lifeline of Ohio.

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