Stepping inside the Lifeline of Ohio office, the ripple symbolism continues in the carpet, lighting and sage green signage panels. Signs of life and regrowth can be found in the wallpaper that leads to the wall where the donation process is stripped to its simplest elements: Commit. Connect. Continue.

As visitors continue to the conference center atrium, they are greeted by an ever-changing memorial installation on the long wall. Rows of 48 shadow boxes flow out of a large ripple on the wall, highlighting individual stories of donation. Each inset box memorializes a donor with a letter, photo, and/or memento selected by his or her family. Outset boxes feature photos of transplant recipients. The boxes serve as both a memorial and a celebration to the ripple started by each gift of life.

This gallery will continually change as we share new stories. If your loved one was an organ, eye or tissue donor with Lifeline of Ohio and you are interested in creating a box to remember them, contact

Juli Kunselman at 614-384-7375 or


Anthony Jackson

Bexley, Ohio. Died June 6, 2013. Anthony saved four lives through organ donation, restored the sight of two through cornea donation and healed countless others […]

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Paul Price

Westerville, Ohio. Died February 23, 2004. Paul gave the Gift of Life to five people through organ donation, restored sights to two and healed countless […]

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Greg Vickery

Columbus, Ohio. Died February 10, 1999. Greg saved two lives through organ donation, gave sight to two and healed countless others through tissue donation. Greg […]

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Noah Maloney

Dublin, Ohio. Died March 12, 2011. Noah was a tissue and cornea donor who healed and restored sight to countless individuals. Noah was the sweet, […]

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Robert Sills

Thornville, Ohio. Died February 28, 2010. Robert gave sight to two through his gift of cornea donation and healed countless others through tissue donation. Robert […]

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Jerry Hayes

Newark, Ohio. Died January 14, 2015. Jerry saved three lives through organ donation, gave sight to two and healed countless others through tissue donation. Jerry […]

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Josie Kaylor

Danville, Ohio. Died May 29, 2013. Josie was a cornea and tissue donor who helped to heal more than 400 lives through donation. Josie loved […]

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Arianna Peters

Columbus, Ohio. Died July 29, 2013. Arianna was an organ donor at just 10 days old and saved the life of a two-month-old child.

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Sarah Scarborough

Houston, TX. Died December 23, 2008. Sarah gave the Gift of Life to others as an organ donor in her death. Sarah was a gentle […]

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Lindsay Jones

Dublin, Ohio. Died September 13, 2002. Lindsay was an organ donor saving the lives of three. Lindsay was an outgoing girl who loved Tiffany’s, going […]

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