Stepping inside the Lifeline of Ohio office, the ripple symbolism continues in the carpet, lighting and sage green signage panels. Signs of life and regrowth can be found in the wallpaper that leads to the wall where the donation process is stripped to its simplest elements: Commit. Connect. Continue.

As visitors continue to the conference center atrium, they are greeted by an ever-changing memorial installation on the long wall. Rows of 48 shadow boxes flow out of a large ripple on the wall, highlighting individual stories of donation. Each inset box memorializes a donor with a letter, photo, and/or memento selected by his or her family. Outset boxes feature photos of transplant recipients. The boxes serve as both a memorial and a celebration to the ripple started by each gift of life.

This gallery will continually change as we share new stories. If your loved one was an organ, eye or tissue donor with Lifeline of Ohio and you are interested in creating a box to remember them, contact

Juli Kunselman at 614-384-7375 or


Mark Youngpeter

Mark Youngpeter, Delphos, OH. Died July 9, 1997. Mark saved the lives of others through the donation of his kidneys, pancreas and heart. Mark was […]

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Hadassah Williams

Hadassah Williams, Belpre, OH. Died September 25, 2018. Haddie gave sight to two through cornea donation and will heal many others through tissue donation. From […]

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Noah Calhoon

Noah Calhoon, Worthington, OH. Died January 11, 2018. Noah donated his liver, kidneys, lungs, thymus, pancreas, trachea and intestine to foster research involving cancer, diabetes, […]

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Mary Collins

Mary Collins, Columbus, OH. Mary received a life-saving kidney transplant on April 24, 1995 and a life-enhancing tissue transplant on November 29, 2001. Mary’s life […]

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Luke Morris

Luke Morris, Upper Sandusky, OH. Luke received a life-saving liver transplant on February 27, 2016 when he was an infant. Since his transplant, Luke’s parents […]

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Jabbar Fant

Jabbar Fant, Columbus, OH. Jabbar received a life-saving heart transplant on September 1, 2016. Since transplant, Jabbar has been able to LIVE! He’s completed a […]

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Andrea Taylor

Kelly Stewart (donor mother) and Andrea Taylor (heart recipient)

Kelly Stewart (donor mother) and Andrea Taylor (heart recipient), Canal Winchester, OH. Andrea received a life-saving heart transplant from Lydia, Kelly’s daughter, in March of […]

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Mari Fridenmaker

Mari Fridenmaker, organ recipient

Mari Fridenmaker, Columbus, OH. Mari received the gift of sight through cornea donation. Mari’s life drastically changed after her cornea transplant – she became a […]

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Rose Pruitt

Rose Pruitt, organ recipient

Rose Pruitt, Columbus, OH. Rose received a life-saving kidney transplant in January of 2014. Because of her transplant, she is able to spend valuable time […]

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DaMia Williams

DaMia Williams, organ recipient

DaMia Williams, Pickerington, OH. – DaMia received a life-saving kidney transplant in May of 2016. Since her transplant, she’s had the opportunity to meet her […]

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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith, organ donor

Brandon Smith, Columbus, OH. Died September 6, 2015. Brandon gave the gift of sight to two and healed countless others through tissue donation. Brandon was […]

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Michelle Tuttle

Michelle Tuttle, organ donor

Michelle Tuttle, Columbus, OH. Died January 23, 2018. Michelle saved four lives through organ donation. Michelle was funny, kind, loving and caring. She especially enjoyed, […]

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Cynthia Molton

Cynthia Molton, organ donor

Cynthia Molton, Urbana, OH. Died February 25, 2017. Cynthia saved a life through organ donation and healed countless others through tissue donation. Cynthia was a […]

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Thomas Medors

Thomas Medors, Columbus, OH. Died October 23, 2016. Thomas gave sight to two through cornea donation. Among Tom’s favorite things were fishing, music and time […]

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Timothy Donahue

Timothy Donahue, New Lexington, OH. Died October 8, 2016. Tim saved the lives of four people through organ donation. Tim loved working on computers and […]

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Jacob Pence

Jacob Pence, organ donor

Jacob Pence, Westerville, OH. Died January 9, 2018. Jacob saved the lives of two people through organ donation and restored sight to one individual through […]

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Laura May Herring

Laura May Herring, organ donor

Laura May Herring, Hilliard, OH. Died September 11, 2017. Laura healed countless others through tissue donation. Many of Laura’s most cherished moments were spent traveling […]

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Timothy Shaver

Timothy Shaver, Lewis Center. Died February 24, 2017. Tim saved a life through organ donation. Tim was a graduate of The Ohio State University and […]

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Macy Meadows

Macy Meadows, Delaware, OH. Died June 16, 2016. Macy saved the lives of four – two children and two adults – through organ donation. Macy […]

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