Lifeline of Ohio is pleased to announce the promotion of several Partner Services team members into new Supervisor positions:

Melissa Alt – Organ Recovery Supervisor




Lisa Marti – Organ Recovery Supervisor




Ann DeLeon – Hospital Development & Family Services Supervisor




Cheryl Cook – Perfusion & Eye Supervisor




Sean Piersol – Tissue Recovery Supervisor




Lindsey Werts – Referral Center Supervisor




Partner Services is also rounding out the year with many of our staff members receiving certifications!

Congratulations to……

  • Sean Piersol for becoming an EBAA Certified Eye Bank Technician.

And congratulations to these team members for becoming AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialists…

  • Bridget Gipper
  • Aimee Pettiford
  • Cindy Gordon
  • Jessica LeComte
  • Sean Escolas
  • Tommie McBride
  • Bravin Herring
  • Kristen Lakes

This is a designation for Tissue Banking Professionals conferred by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). AATB oversees musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, skin and reproductive tissue banks in the United States.

In More News…

On Friday, November 17, Lifeline of Ohio hosted a donor management workshop for neighboring organ procurement organizations in Ohio and Kentucky – we were pleased to welcome 35 organ recovery coordinators.

The intent of the workshop was to help each coordinator build upon their existing donor management knowledge to increase the number of organs able to be recovered for transplant. They heard from speakers from The Ohio State University Pulmonary Transplant Program – Dr. Amy Pope-Harman, Dr. David Nunley, Dr. Brian Keller and Dr. Bryan Whitson. We are thankful to all who came and presented.