Lifeline of Ohio moves forward in 2018 with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and pride for the life-saving and transforming gifts provided through organ, eye and tissue donation in 2017. Nationally, the number of deceased organ donors exceeded 10,000 for the first time. Ohio, in turn, saw a 15 percent increase in organ donation, which resulted in a 12.2 percent increase in lifesaving organ transplants!

Lifeline of Ohio led the way last year with a 33 percent increase in organ donation, resulting in a 37 percent increase in organs transplanted!  While this feat was made possible in part by our talented and dedicated local transplant teams, ultimately it resulted from the generosity of everyday heroes who chose to give to others at the time of their passing.

The staff at Lifeline of Ohio works tirelessly to ensure no opportunity for donation goes unrecognized.  The wait list for life-saving organs remains too large and the wait too long.  Please, join me in empowering everyone you meet to make the decision to become a donor.


Kent Holloway
CEO, Lifeline of Ohio