Diane Tefft Young says she is humbled by the gift she received from her lung donor. She was so humbled, in fact, that she was inspired to share the experience.

Humbled by the Gift of Life

"Humbled by the Gift of Life" by Diane Tefft Young

“I was so grateful because I was so close to dying,” said Diane.

Encouraged by an editor friend, she began to write. Six months and many tears later, the result is the central Ohioan’s first book: “Humbled by the Gift of Life.” It will be released in mid-February 2012.

Diane, who received her lung transplant in October 2010, felt she had to tell her story.

“In my heart I believe I was allowed to live to write this,” said Diane. “I had so much amazing help,” she says of the many friends who reviewed, edited and provided feedback on the project.

The book spans six years, chronicling Diane’s journey from diagnosis to transplant. In the book, she discusses the fear she felt when learning she had a potentially fatal lung disease, the struggle to face her own mortality and the shock of receiving the call that a donor lung was available for her.

Diane Tefft Young

Diane Tefft Young

She describes her book as “honest and positive” and hopes it will be helpful for other transplant candidates and recipients. Diane also believes that when people understand the transplant candidate experience, they might be more inclined to register themselves.

“I wasn’t a registered donor before I needed a transplant,” said Diane. She adds she can relate to people who hadn’t thought about donation or might not have felt it was right for them. Diane is a registered donor now and her new book is bound to inspire others to make the same choice.

“Humbled by the Gift of Life; Reflections on Receiving a Lung Transplant” by Diane Tefft Young will be available on amazon.com, by request at your local book store or through the publisher.