Andrea Taylor

Kelly Stewart (donor mother) and Andrea Taylor (heart recipient)

Kelly Stewart (donor mother) and Andrea Taylor (heart recipient), Canal Winchester, OH. Andrea received a life-saving heart transplant from Lydia, Kelly’s daughter, in March of 2017. Lydia Stewart died on March 8, 2017. At the time of her passing, she was a registered donor. Her […]

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Mari Fridenmaker

Mari Fridenmaker, organ recipient

Mari Fridenmaker, Columbus, OH. Mari received the gift of sight through cornea donation. Mari’s life drastically changed after her cornea transplant – she became a […]

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Rose Pruitt

Rose Pruitt, organ recipient

Rose Pruitt, Columbus, OH. Rose received a life-saving kidney transplant in January of 2014. Because of her transplant, she is able to spend valuable time […]

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DaMia Williams

DaMia Williams, organ recipient

DaMia Williams, Pickerington, OH. – DaMia received a life-saving kidney transplant in May of 2016. Since her transplant, she’s had the opportunity to meet her […]

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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith, organ donor

Brandon Smith, Columbus, OH. Died September 6, 2015. Brandon gave the gift of sight to two and healed countless others through tissue donation. Brandon was […]

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