Understanding a Passion

Ask a motorcycle enthusiast what they think of the term “organ donor” and you’ll likely get a heated reaction. For years, this slang term has been thrown at bikers by individuals who don’t understand or appreciate the passion for biking.

Lifeline of Ohio, the nonprofit organ procurement organization responsible for promoting organ and tissue donation in central and southeastern Ohio, is setting out to reclaim the phrase and show the public what an organ donor really is: a hero.

Just by signing up to be a donor at the time of your death, you are already someone’s hero. Eight lives can be saved by one person who donates organs, and more than 50 lives can be improved through tissue donation. Read how here.

Live On. Ride On.®

Personal Stories from Bikers Touched by Organ and Tissue Donation

Honoring Adam

By Kelly Newland, donor mother My husband, Mark, and I have been riding motorcycles for more than a decade. Today, we know that our son, Adam, rides with us.


Busy Biker Mom Resumes Active Lifestyle

Michelle Cerone of Webster, N.Y. loved riding her motorcycle.  A passion that sprung from years riding with her husband, Michelle started riding her own bike more than six years ago. 


Son Honors Father’s Legacy by Supporting Live On. Ride On. Campaign

One local biker who has been touched by Live On. Ride On. is Aaron Shirk. Each year he promotes the campaign with his “Duane Shirk Memorial Poker Run” to honor his father, who gave the ‘Gift of Life.’  Here’s what Aaron has to say about his father and what riding means to him:


‘Riding On’ In my Mother’s Honor

By Amy Fields I am a nurse and respiratory therapist with OhioHealth. As a member of the medical community I have always been aware of the need for organ and tissue donation. Personally, it has always been an abstract concept — one that is good in theory, but will not be tested in my lifetime. […]


Waiting to Ride On

By Bill Laing, double lung transplant candidate In 1994, I started having trouble breathing and a lung biopsy in 1996 revealed I had sarcoidosis, a condition that causes the immune system to attack the lungs. For the next 15 years I was able to manage and live with the disease, but in December 2009, my […]