Understanding a Passion

Ask a motorcycle enthusiast what they think of the term “organ donor” and you’ll likely get a heated reaction. For years, this slang term has been thrown at bikers by individuals who don’t understand or appreciate the passion for biking.

Lifeline of Ohio, the nonprofit organ procurement organization responsible for promoting organ, eye and tissue donation in central and southeastern Ohio, is setting out to reclaim the phrase and show the public what an organ donor really is: a hero.

Just by signing up to be a donor at the time of your death, you are already someone’s hero. Eight lives can be saved by one person who donates organs, and more than 50 lives can be improved through tissue donation. Read how here.

Live On. Ride On.®

Personal Stories from Bikers Touched by Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

Live On. Ride On. – Summer 2017

In conjunction with 99.7 The Blitz and Turtle Creek Tavern, Lifeline of Ohio will be reviving the award-winning Live On. Ride On. campaign to reach motorcycle enthusiasts with the Donate Life message. We’ll be all around Central Ohio this summer to show the public what an organ donor really is: a hero. Visit Live On. […]


Riding On For My Donor

By Bill Laing, double-lung recipient  My journey to a double-lung transplant began back in 1994 when I started having trouble breathing. After a lung biopsy in 1996, it was revealed I had sarcoidosis, a condition which causes the immune system to attack the lungs. This diagnosis came out of nowhere and forever changed my life. […]


A Story of Love for My Son

By Andy Gillespie, donor dad I want to tell you a story, a story about love. I grew up in Liverpool, England, post Second World War, in a two parent home with my older sister. During my entire childhood and young adulthood, I can never remember my father telling me that he loved me. For […]


Five Years a Hero

By Erica Kaufman, donor daughter For as long as I can remember, my dad loved motorcycles.  He rode dirt bikes as a child and bought his first Harley in 2001. He was so proud of that bike! Whenever I traveled, I would make sure to buy him Harley shirts wherever I was. My dad, Terry […]


Not Afraid to Live

After a successful liver transplant gave Mike Corea a second chance at life, he indulged his adventurous side and bought a motorcycle. Tragically, he lost his life on that bike. After his death, Mike accomplished something very rare: he became both a transplant recipient and an organ donor.