Fan Friday: Katie Thien

by Katie Thien, OSU Student and Lifeline of Ohio intern

I was on my way to meet the woman who saved my father’s life. Not only did Sue save my father’s life by being his living kidney donor, but she changed the lives of my entire family. I felt extremely anxious to meet her. What would this woman be like who committed such a selfless act for a man she didn’t know? After walking into Panera, I scanned the room for Sue expecting to find an angel or some sort of heroic figure. To my surprise, my eyes landed on a normal, average person, just like you and me. In that moment, I realized that anybody can be a hero and give the “Gift of Life.” (more…)

The Healing Gift of Tissue

As we approach Halloween, we see friendly skeleton decorations everywhere. But, have you ever thought about the incredible things bones can do?

Bone is the second most transplanted tissue in the world, second only to blood! Here are some of the ways bone donors can impact other lives after death: (more…)

Tuesday’s Tale: A Wish Unfulfilled

By Debby Rice

My dad wanted to be an advocate for organ and tissue donation after he received his heart transplant. His unfulfilled wish is what compels me to share our story – he died waiting for a second chance at life. (more…)

The People. The Tradition. The Excellence

By Mark Cortez, Donate Life Ambassadaor and OSU Alum

Such a great part of being a staff member of The Ohio State University is being able to actively promote and participate in events that allow this phrase to ring true.  As a graduate of The Ohio State University and now an Admissions Counselor I have the privilege of being able to say I am a true Buckeye for Life both at work and in the community. (more…)