Tuesday’s Tale: From Doctor to Patient

By Dr. James Caldwell

I was working as a Gastroenterologist in 1984 when I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy or the weakening of my heart muscle.  I was used to treating patients, many of whom had received transplants, but when I was told I might need a heart transplant I was in denial. (more…)

Remembering Jennifer Bedner

It is with deep sorrow that we say goodbye to our dear friend and colleague, Jennifer Bedner.  She lost her courageous battle with cancer on Sunday, June 20. (more…)

Donate Life Conference Inspires!

I have just returned from the Donate Life America Meeting in Baltimore and my batteries are recharged! The conference brings together donation professionals from all over the country with a common same purpose: saving lives. The energy and commitment of my donation colleagues from around the nation is so contagious! (more…)

Tuesday’s Tale: Expect the Unexpected

By Cathy Eyen, Double Lung Recipient

On a daily basis there are behaviors we have and actions we perform without really thinking about how life would be without them. Blinking, walking, talking and breathing are just a few examples. My ability to breathe was compromised in 2002. (more…)