Honey Bee is Lifeline of Ohio’s bee-autiful Donate Life Ambassador!

She buzzes around central and southeastern Ohio promoting organ and tissue donation and encouraging everyone to “bee” a donor.

Honey Bee puts smiles on faces all over the state of Ohio and touched the hearts (and kidneys and livers…) of transplant recipients, candidates, donor families and everyone she meets.

Honey Bee

She has made it her beeswax to share the importance of donation and bring hope to the 113,000 Americans waiting for a transplant. She thinksthere’s nothing sweeter than saving lives as an organ and tissue donor and she inspires Ohioans to register in swarms!

Honey Bee is available to buzz about at your community event! She loves to dance, can participate in fun runs or just mingle with your crowd.

To book Honey Bee, complete this honey bee request form or contact her bee keeper: scheduling@lifelineofohio.org or 614-384-7334.

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  • http://www.transplantalliance.org Mary Jo Lovely

    What a cute Bee…

  • Laurie Damron

    What a wonderfully fun way to promote organ donation. I’ve cried happy and sad tears at the donor/recipient stories here and feel a satisfying contentment in knowing that my husband, daughters and I are all committed to donation of our organs.


  • http://lexingtonsecondchancegroup.com Jean Crawford

    What an incredibly creative way to spread awareness and to encourage organ, eye, and tissue donation. As the member of a donor family and a six-organ transplant recipient, I applaud your efforts -Bravo!

  • Dorothy Toops

    I am in love with this bee and the work that she does to promote organ and tissue donation. I am sure that she has added many names to the registry. Keep up the great work Honey Bee!

  • Brooke Tillman

    All of these mascots are soo cute! The videos are funny too! We are celebrating the sixth anniversary of gift of life that my Mother received. Wow, how time really flies when your mom’s healthy again!!

  • Maura Teynor

    Honey Bee visited MedCentral/Mansfield Hospital today. See the photos on our Facebook page; MedCentral Health System.

  • Deyra Rodriguez

    Hi Honey Bee! i was wondering if your favorite R&R sons was “Am a Be’ by the Black Eyed Peas. :)

    Keep up the good work, Honey!

    • admin

      It sure is! Thanks Deyra!

  • Dawn Hattig

    I love the Honey Bee. As humans we are very visual. The visual of this cute Honey Bee is likely to stay in a persons mind and make them smile. These “warm fuzzys” may just come to mind when someone thinks of the question of organ donation. I have always considered organ donation a natural decision passed down by my mom. 3 1/2 years ago I became the fortunate recipient of a lung.

  • carolyn Fowler

    anything that raises awareness for organ donation is good, but to have something as cute as honey Bee is great. I have been touch by both donating(grandson Shawn) and recieving (brother-in-law Fred) So I know the sorrow and joy. If we only had the sorrow and no joy to help us thru the sorrow what a sad sad world would be

  • Tiffany McConahay

    Hello my Father passed away in July of this year and he donated his kidneys and I would like to know why there are no memorabilia items I can purchase? Like the rubber bracelets or I would buy all his grandchildren a bee if I could. If you know anything or anywhere I could purchase any items I would be greatful. Also how would I go about meeting the two people who have a piece of my Dad in them, maybe it would ease some pain meeting them!

  • http://kathy-mynewislets.blogspot.com kathy

    I like the bee and how it is sitting on the Green Chair.